Tanja Karolina Radicevic-Kankaras

Tanja Karolina Radicevic-Kankaras
Dalhemsvägen 113B
25460 Helsingborg
Tel. 00382 (0) 67 894 333
E-mail: tanjakarolina@hotmail.com 
Facebook: Tanja Karolina (Radicevic) Kankaras
Instagram: Tanja Karolina Radicevic

Måleri i Olja, Akryl och Blandteknik

Medlem i:
Helsingborgs konstförening
Member of the Association of Original Fine Artists of Montenegro since 2008


Separata utställningar:

Hotel Philia, exhibition entitled “ Masks”, Podgorica, Montenegro, 22 May 2009
The Capital Plaza Center, exhibition entitled “ My Magic” , Podgorica, Montenegro, 20 September 2016


Serbian Educational and Cultural Association ” Prosvjeta”, Mostar Bosnia, 17 May 2008
Stateroom of the Railways of Serbia, Association of Artists of the Railways of Serbia, Over the Bridges of Friendship, Belgrade, 17 June 2008
Library of the City of Belgrade “Isidora Sekulic”, Topcider Cultural Summer, 24 june – July 2008
Gallery of the Heritage Museum, Kolasin, Montenegro, 23 September 2008
Hotel Onogost, Niksic, Montenegro, 23 September 2009
Gallery of the Association of Original Fine Artists of Montenegro, Traditional exhibition of the Association on the occasion of 8 March

Her paintings that formally reflect the rich European artistic heritage show a respectable level of valuable references and present Tanja as a talented artist who, proceeding from autonomous artistic references, approaches art with dedication and love. Her art reflects various painting orientations of the European modernism: expressionism present in gestural stroke and “shaggy” Segantini technique, impressionism, apparent in the way she handles light and etheric tinting, Art informel in the domain of the use of substances, associative and abstract evocations, as well as elements whose decorative tone includes the premises of Art nouveau. – Ljiljana Zekovic- art historia ( about Tanjas last independent exhibition “ My Magic”