Lis Engel

Lis Engel


Galerie Engel Toeltvej
39A 3050 Humlebæk
Tel. +45 31689013

hemsida: www.lisengel.com

Olie og akryl er mine foretrukne medier, men jeg arbejder også med tegning, pastel, mixed media og med foto se mere

Medlem i:
Helsingborgs Konstförening
Kunstrunden Nordsjælland
Helsingør Kunstforening
Humlebæk Kunstforening
Fnyk, Fredensborg Ny Kunstforening
Kokkedal Kunstforening


Jeg er uddannet cand.scient med en phd I bodymind arts & sciences fra Københavns Universitet, hvor jeg har arbejdet som lektor og forsket i kunstnerisk praksis og æstetisk kommunikation. Jeg har hele tiden også arbejdet aktivt som udøvende kunstner, først med performance kunst og nu udelukkende med billedkunst.

Jurybedömda utställningar:

  • International Exhibition at Dante’s House Museum (Florence) February 2015
  • The Second International Biennial of Art of Palermo 11-25/01/2015
  • ”CHRISTMAS IN NAPLES 2014” Gallery of Modern Art ”The Doors”, 57 Chiatamone Naples, 20-30 December 2014
  • Raphael Sanzio Award 2014 from ”Italia in Arte” – 2014
  • ”Salon Gustave Eiffel”- La Grande Exposition Universelle 2014, curated by Salvatore Russo and Francesco Saverio Russo, and organized by Ea Editore of Palermo open at Salon Gustave Eiffel with a Vernissage the 23 october 2014 at 10:30. Host of the event will be Jose Van Roy Dali, son of the famous painter Salvador Dali.
  • L´Agostiniana Galleria, Rome, invited as a candidate to Leonardo meets Canova, 2014 with two paintings ”paradise no 1, paradise no 2”
  • Invited for Denmark by Curator Floriana Tondinelli and professor Aldo G. Jatosti to the Nordic thematic Exhibition ”Roses, Gardens and Ancient Symbols” in Galleria Tondinelli in Rome 2013, supported by the Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish Ambassady.
  • 1st Italian Biennale of Creativity, Palaexpo, Verona 2014, represented with two paintings ”The Path to Tihar” and ”Angel of Light”.
  • Monreale Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art, Sicily, 2014 – invited as a candidate to the 1. Trinacria Award 2014 with the painting ”In-between heaven and earth”.
  • Museum of Americas, 2011
  • Firenze Biennalen, 2011
  • Gallery Broadway, New York, 2011
  • Nyart Beijing Project, 2011
  • The censured HCAndersen festival at Filosoffen Odense, 2013
  • Membership of the censored art group Kunstrunden

Separata utställningar:

Galerie Marziart, Hamburg, 2014-2015
Nykredit, Helsingør, januar, februar, marts, april 2015.


Hillerød Kunstdage marts 2015
Many local exhibitions in Denmark

To be an artist is for me about radical aliveness and awareness and a willingness to devote myself to open experience and to communicate experiences of significance with honesty, passion and courage, but also with sensitivity, intuition and imagination. Art is maybe the media that more than anything takes serious that the physical and the spiritual are intertwined as the living space where body, heart and mind from every dimension of life meets as vibrational patterns – totally real and radical alive. Created in the crossing of lived body, lived space, lived time and lived meaning as a dynamic and creative poetics of life as patterns of receiving and giving. It is an eternal rebirth of the living now with a strong communion of the poetics of every experience of significance we are part of. I think that contemporary art is a very strong multidimensional voice of life – of beauty and freedom as the sacral possibility of every event and action we are part. In this understanding art is to communicate of life – and being an artist is about being very aware of how it is possible to live and that everything you do from the secret thoughts to every little action can become a magical mirror of how it is possible to live in the eternal creative dimension… as an eternal intertwining of choice and chance – a dynamicic balance between control and freedom.